General Issues
What are additional trains?
Additional trains are long-distance trains that run additional to the regular schedule of passenger trains that are added to transport football fans between host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup (hereinafter, FIFA World Cup 2018).
Who is eligible for free transportation aboard additional trains?
Spectators of FIFA World Cup 2018 who have tickets to matches and a Fan ID are eligible for free transportation aboard additional trains.
Can a free ride ticket be purchased to any of additional trains transporting spectators at FIFA World Cup 2018?
No. You are eligible to take the train on a specific date before the match you have purchased the ticket for.
Are all spectators guaranteed a spot on the additional train?
Free tickets for spectators will be provided for the total number of seats on each train pursuant to the federal law of the Russian Federation.
Can a child get a seat free of charge? Are children provided separate seats?
Children can get a free ticket if they also have a ticket to attend the football match. Any World Cup spectator is allowed to bring along one child under five without a ticket or a Fan ID, if such child does not occupy a separate seat. The child should have a boarding pass issued in his or her name, without an assigned seat.
Do additional trains stop at any stations en route?
Additional trains travel from the point of departure to the point of destination, with stops en route as described in the schedule of such additional trains.
Issue of tickets
What must you do to reserve tickets to an additional train at World Cup 2018 on the website at
To get your free ticket to an additional train of FIFA World Cup 2018, complete the following three steps: Step 1: Register on the Portal; Step 2: Reserve a spot on the train; Step 3: Get a boarding pass issued to your name.
Can the passenger data be changed in the boarding pass?
No. You shall not be allowed to change the personal data as shown on the boarding pass. In this case you must annul the boarding pass in your personal office, and then apply for another boarding pass with the correct personal data.
Can the passenger apply for a ticket by submitting an application number for a match ticket, registered at
Yes. A free boarding pass can be acquired by quoting the confirmation number of the ticket purchased to attend a match.
How can persons with limited mobility travel on additional trains?
To order a ticket for a wheelchair-bound passenger, you must: — Register on the portal; — Insert personal data and the Fan ID number, or the number of the confirmation to obtain the Fan ID of the passenger and his or her accompanying persons (if applicable); — Send a request to with an inquiry regarding the information about the train for which a free ticket is requested and the data of the tickets for the match (ticket number, date of the match, host city), of the number of confirmed match ticket purchase for the passenger and/or accompanying person (if applicable). The inquiry must be accompanied by the copy of an ID of the disabled passenger, a copy of the document on the need to use a wheelchair, and a copy of the document of the accompanying person. After the tickets for the match are confirmed, a boarding pass for the passenger and his or her accompanying persons (if applicable) will be sent to the email from which the inquiry was sent. After the boarding pass is received, the process of obtaining a free ticket on the additional train will be complete. If there should be no boarding pass available for a selected train, the passenger will be advised accordingly and / or other additional trains where such passes to specially equipped seats are available for wheelchair-bound passengers.
Where do I get FAN ID?
All the information on the FAN ID is available at
What if my FAN ID cannot be confirmed on the website for free train tickets?
Recheck your personal data and the data of the FAN ID; your family name, given name, and patronymic, as well as your date of birth must appear exactly as they are shown in your FAN ID application. Should there be no mistakes in the application but the portal still returns an error, please contact the technical support service of the porta
Transportation Rules
Will I need to pay separately for my bed linen?
No. Bed linen in additional trains shall be provided free of charge.
Which documents must be provided when you board the additional train?
— Your match ticket; — Your FAN ID; — Your identification document that you used to obtain the free ticket and the FAN ID.
Is free food provided to passengers in additional trains?
Spectators can purchase meals in the cafe or restaurant train car.
Can I bring a pet along?
Taking your pets (animals, dogs, birds, bees, wild animals or rodents) along, with the exception of a guide dog, shall be forbidden. The guide dog must have a collar, a muzzle, all the necessary veterinary documents, and must stay by the feet of the spectator it is accompanying while the train is en route.
What luggage can be taken aboard the additional trains?
The spectator shall be allowed to bring along no more than 36 kg of luggage; the dimensions of the said luggage along all three measurements shall not exceed 180 cm. This luggage shall include personal belongings of the spectator, regardless of their kind and type of packaging, which would fit into the luggage bins designed to accommodate hand luggage in luggage compartments of additional trains. The rules for luggage shall not apply to children. Spectators with children and disabled passengers with limited mobility shall be allowed to take on a baby carriage or a wheelchair in addition to the aforementioned luggage. Those and other technical rehabilitation means that are necessary for the passengers, shall be allowed on board at no charge.